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Are you looking about Kitchen Living with Coryanne Ettiene? is a friendly kitchen and lifestyle expert who loves to share her joy for cooking, gardening, and homemaking with folks like you. You’ll find her over at Kitchen Living, her excellent blog, and catch her on her YouTube channel named Kitchen Living with Coryanne. Plus, she’s the mastermind behind Ettiene Market, a fantastic brand about living the good life sustainably.

Coryanne describes herself as a “kitchen nerd,” always excited to try new recipes and cooking tricks. She’s also quite a gardening enthusiast, growing herbs, veggies, and fruits. But her talents don’t stop there – she’s also a fantastic writer and speaker. You might have seen her work in magazines like Better Homes & Gardens, Traditional Home, and Women’s Day. She’s even shared her wisdom at various events and workshops nationwide.

Now, here’s the thing Coryanne is genuinely passionate about helping you make your kitchen a beautiful and functional heart of your home. She believes the kitchen should be where everyone can come together to whip up delicious meals, share stories, and enjoy each other’s company. In her blog and videos, Coryanne sprinkles her magic by offering tips on creating a stylish and super-practical kitchen. You’ll find mouthwatering recipes, nifty gardening advice, and clever homemaking tips to make your kitchen shine.

If you’re searching for kitchen inspiration, I recommend checking out Coryanne’s excellent work. She’s a treasure trove of fantastic ideas and creativity, and she’ll help you craft a kitchen you adore.

Coryanne Ettiene: Background and Expertise

Coryanne Ettiene is a renowned kitchen and lifestyle expert known for her passion for cooking, gardening, and creating harmonious home environments. 

As the founder of the popular blog “Kitchen Living with Coryanne,” she engages her readers with a delightful blend of practical tips, creative recipes, and insightful advice on homemaking. Her expertise extends beyond the written word, as she also hosts the engaging YouTube channel “Kitchen Living with Coryanne,” where she shares her culinary adventures, gardening triumphs, and tips for curating stylish yet functional kitchen spaces. Coryanne’s passion for sustainability and mindful living is exemplified through her creation of Ettiene Market. This captivating lifestyle brand encourages individuals to embrace eco-friendly choices and make conscious decisions in their daily lives. With a talented writer and speaker background, Coryanne has contributed her wisdom to esteemed publications like Better Homes & Gardens, Traditional Home, and Women’s Day. She further extends her influence through engaging presentations at workshops and conferences, where she empowers audiences with practical insights into creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable kitchens.

In summary, Coryanne Ettiene is a warm and knowledgeable expert who brings her love for cooking, gardening, and homemaking to a global audience. Her journey encompasses blogging, vlogging, and creating a sustainable lifestyle brand, all while empowering others to embrace the joys of kitchen living and cultivate spaces that reflect their unique style and values.

Coryanne Ettiene is a seasoned kitchen and lifestyle expert with over two decades of experience in the food and lifestyle realm. She is the creative mind behind the popular blog Kitchen Living, the charismatic host of the YouTube sensation Kitchen Living with Coryanne, and the visionary force behind Ettiene Market, a sustainable lifestyle brand.

Starting her journey as a food stylist and recipe innovator, Coryanne’s prowess extended to cookbooks, magazines, and television productions, crafting recipes for esteemed names in the food industry. In 2009, she unveiled her blog, Kitchen Living, an instant hit among home cooks and lifestyle enthusiasts.

Her blog’s fame soared, garnering recognition from esteemed publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Food & Wine. Coryanne herself graced screens on renowned shows, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, and The Food Network.

Venturing into video content, Coryanne launched Kitchen Living with Coryanne on YouTube in 2015, amassing an impressive one million subscribers. Her channel encompasses various topics, from culinary tutorials to nurturing thriving gardens.

In 2018, Coryanne’s vision materialized into Ettiene Market, a haven for sustainable living. The brand champions eco-friendly materials and practices by curating a range of products spanning kitchen essentials, home embellishments, and beauty items.

A fervent advocate of kitchen-centric living, Coryanne champions the idea that the kitchen is the soul of a home. Her unwavering dedication is focused on aiding individuals in crafting kitchens that marry beauty and functionality. Additionally, she passionately advocates for sustainable living, utilizing her influence to foster eco-conscious choices.

Coryanne Ettiene’s accomplishments in the food and lifestyle arena shine brightly, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Coryanne Ettiene’s Philosophy of Kitchen Living

Coryanne Ettiene is a kitchen and lifestyle expert who champions “kitchen living.” This concept revolves around making the kitchen the heart of your home, where you cook, bake, and build cherished moments with family and friends. It’s about transforming the kitchen into a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing space you genuinely enjoy.

The kitchen becomes a warm and inviting hub where people come together to cook, eat, and enjoy each other’s company.

Creative Haven

The kitchen is a canvas for creativity. Experiment with recipes and cooking techniques, fostering a sense of fun and exploration.

Stylish and Functional

Craft a kitchen you’re proud of, incorporating appliances and decor that mirror your personality while maintaining practicality.

Share the Joy

Extend your love of food to others by hosting dinner parties or sharing meals with neighbors, fostering connections.

Coryanne’s approach encourages a food-focused lifestyle, where the kitchen becomes a place for meaningful living through culinary experiences. By transforming your kitchen into a gathering place, you create lasting memories, enriching your life in delightful ways.

Contributions to the Food and Lifestyle Industry

Coryanne Ettiene has left a significant mark on the food and lifestyle industry, showcasing her talents as a food stylist, recipe creator, blogger, and TV personality. Her dedication to the principles of kitchen living and sustainable practices has fueled her mission to inspire a more mindful and enjoyable way of life.

Key Contributions of Coryanne Ettiene

Food Styling and Recipe Development

Coryanne’s creative touch has graced cookbooks, magazines, and TV shows, making food visually enticing and accessible to a broader audience.

Influential Blogger

Through her blog, Kitchen Living, Coryanne imparts her love for cooking, gardening, and homemaking, offering valuable insights on recipes and decor.

Television Presence

Coryanne’s appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and The Food Network have raised awareness about kitchen living and sustainable choices.

Expert Speaker and Consultant

Coryanne’s expertise shines as a sought-after speaker, consulting on kitchen living and sustainable lifestyle concepts globally. She collaborates with brands to develop mindful products and campaigns.

Seasonal Inspiration Advocate

Coryanne continually explores innovative ways to embrace seasonal ingredients, sharing her insights via her blog, social media, and cookbooks. She champions local farmers and producers.

Coryanne Ettiene’s influence extends beyond the culinary world, reflecting her commitment to a better, more conscious way of living. Her contributions enhance accessibility, enjoyment, and sustainability in food and lifestyle.

Coryanne Ettiene’s Personal Growth and Transformation

Coryanne Ettiene’s natural curiosity has guided her journey from disinterest in domesticity to becoming a passionate advocate for kitchen living. Growing up surrounded by the joy of cooking with her family, she initially veered away from the kitchen as she pursued her studies and social life.

Following her college years, a move to New York City ignited Coryanne’s longing for the comforting embrace of the kitchen. Rediscovering the art of cooking for herself, she embarked on culinary exploration, experimenting with diverse recipes and techniques that reignited her love for the culinary world.

Coryanne’s culinary passion flourished further, leading her to establish the blog Kitchen Living, where she shared her recipes and insights. Television appearances and cooking demonstrations followed suit, revealing her gift for teaching others about the joys of food and cooking.

Coryanne’s transformation reflects the power of curiosity and experimentation, illustrating how unexpected passions can enrich our lives. Her commitment to creating a welcoming kitchen atmosphere radiates through her interactions, emphasizing the role of food in fostering connections and lasting memories.

As a role model, Coryanne Ettiene inspires us to embrace our culinary passions and embark on transformative journeys. Her story is a testament to the ability to recalibrate our paths and chase our dreams, regardless of where we start.

Ettiene Market and Culinary Shop

Ettiene Market, founded by Coryanne Ettiene, is a sustainable lifestyle brand offering diverse products, from kitchenware to home decor and beauty items. Central to Coryanne’s philosophy of kitchen living, the market enables individuals to craft their ideal functional and beautiful kitchens while embracing sustainable practices.

Aligned with Coryanne’s dedication to sustainability, Ettiene Market prioritizes eco-friendly materials and methods, contributing to a reduced environmental impact. Recognizing its efforts, the market has garnered prestigious accolades, including being named one of the “100 Best Sustainable Brands” by the World Economic Forum in 2020 and receiving the “Green Radiating a warm and welcoming presence, Coryanne has established herself as a reliable and approachable figure, offering a wellspring of inspiration and wisdom to those eager to elevate their culinary expertise, adopt eco-friendly practices, and turn their cooking areas into inviting havens. 

Ettiene Market’s products have also earned esteemed certifications, such as the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and the Natural Products Association Clean Seal, ensuring high quality and responsible sourcing.

This marketplace exemplifies how Coryanne Ettiene leverages her influence to promote a positive global impact. Ettiene Market champions accessibility to sustainable living, enriching lives worldwide while offering thoughtfully curated, environmentally conscious products.

Coryanne Ettiene’s Expansion to Round Top

Coryanne Ettiene’s journey is reaching new horizons with her expansion to Round Top. Her involvement with the Round Top Antiques Show has been a stepping stone toward introducing her kitchen-centric and sustainable lifestyle philosophy to a broader audience.

Involvement with the Round Top Antiques Show

Coryanne’s connection with the Round Top Antiques Show began with a successful pop-up event during the spring edition. Her passion for kitchen living resonated with attendees, sparking anticipation for her future endeavors.

Plans to Establish Ettiene Market in Round Top, Texas

Based on the positive response, Coryanne will establish a permanent Ettiene Market in Round Top. This upcoming store embodies her curated approach, personal touch, and commitment to sustainable choices.

Anticipation of Opening a Permanent Store and Engaging with a New Customer Base:

Coryanne eagerly awaits the opening of the Round Top Ettiene Market. This expansion signifies business growth and offers a chance to connect with a fresh customer base. Coryanne envisions a welcoming space where people can embrace kitchen living and foster a sense of community.

Coryanne Ettiene’s journey to Round Top showcases her dedication to sharing the joy of kitchen living and sustainable practices. Her involvement with the Round Top Antiques Show and establishing Ettiene Market in the area highlight her mission to inspire, connect, and create a meaningful impact.


Coryanne Ettiene has impacted the food and lifestyle industry, advocating for the joy of kitchen living and sustainable practices. Her work as a food stylist, blogger, and TV personality has inspired countless individuals to embrace cooking and gather around the kitchen, creating cherished memories with loved ones. Through her blog, TV appearances, and Ettiene Market, Coryanne’s passion shines as she encourages us all to savor the art of food, connect with our homes, and make mindful choices for a more fulfilling and sustainable life.

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