How Tall Is Liv From Pressure Cooker? The Season 1 Winner

This guide will tell you how tall is liv from pressure cooker ? Pressure cooker is an intense cooking competition show on Netflix, in which 11 talented chefs are fighting for a big prize of $100,000. But it’s not your typical cooking show with celebrity judges. Here, the chefs have to taste and rate each other’s dishes. So, it’s not just about cooking but also about getting along with fellow contestants. Sometimes, they even play tricky games to get ahead. Liv Ben is one of the chefs on the Show who’s caught people’s attention, but we need to find out how tall she is. “Pressure Cooker” is different and exciting because it’s not just about food; it’s also about the drama and relationships among the chefs. It’s like a recipe for cooking skills, strategy, and personal dynamics, all mixed to create a thrilling TV show. So, if you’re a fan of cooking competitions with a twist, this Show is a must-watch.

The Character: Liv in “Pressure Cooker

Liv Ben is a central character in “Pressure Cooker,” portrayed by Emma Smith. At 25 years old, she is the co-owner and executive chef of an Italian deli in Los Angeles. Her character is known for her unique personality and remarkable journey throughout the film. Liv aspires to become the youngest female chef ever to earn the prestigious Michelin star. She believes winning a cooking competition simplifies her path towards achieving this ambitious dream. Liv has faced challenges in her culinary career due to her young age and rapid advancement. She often has disagreements with other chefs who occasionally feel intimidated and anxious because of her position.

Pressure Cooker Journey

In the television series “Pressure Cooker,” Liv’s time on the Show was limited, and regrettably, she was the first chef to be eliminated. She attributed her exit from the competition to her struggle with stage fright. She conveyed her confidence in her ability to craft culinary creations that surpassed what she presented during her time on the television series. Her fellow competitors were shocked by her departure and promised to visit her restaurant.

Return to the Show

Although she left the competition early, Liv returned to the Show to assess the dishes prepared by her former roommate during episode 2. It demonstrates her resilience and determination in the face of setbacks.

Liv’s Personality

Liv is portrayed as strong-willed and determined in “Pressure Cooker.” Her character exudes confidence, and her determination to achieve her culinary goals makes her a favourite.

Liv’s Career

Liv’s career extends beyond the TV show. Given her high position and youth, it’s clear that her culinary journey will continue to thrive. She was also hired by Ggiata, a restaurant where she worked as a private chef for high-profile entertainment industry clients.


Ggiata, founded by individuals with a deep respect for the women in their lives, hired Liv. She plays a vital role in the restaurant’s Kitchen, showcasing her culinary expertise.

Menu and Signature Sandwich

Liv created a signature sandwich at Ggiata, the Olivia sandwich. It features pesto chicken salad, mozzarella, sun-dried tomato spread, pickled onions, and arugula on ciabatta. The restaurant’s menu is designed to blend East Coast deli flavours with the produce of California, reflecting Liv’s creativity and culinary skills.

Celebrating Women

Ggiata’s menu items are named after sisters or mothers of the founders, a tribute to strong women. Liv’s involvement underscores her commitment to empowering women in the culinary industry.

Innovative Dishes

Ggiata’s menu offers innovative dishes like The Classic Italian, a unique take on a traditional cold-cut sandwich with distinctive flavours and a touch of heat.

Meatballs and Sides

Liv’s culinary expertise extends to dishes like silky beef and pork meatballs seasoned with various flavorful ingredients. They are served with a Pecorino Romano shower and charred ciabatta in a paper bag, showcasing her culinary prowess.

Discover how tall is liv from pressure cooker?

Liv Bin, the talented chef from the Netflix cooking show, has a growing Instagram presence with over 2,000 followers. Fans of the Show support her posts, with one enthusiastic viewer saying, “Just started watching the Show and rooting for you. Liv’s Instagram is the go-to place for updates as she continues her culinary endeavours. When she earns her Michelin star, you’ll hear it first on her profile. Stay tuned for her exciting culinary journey!

The Actress Behind Liv: Emma Smith

Meet Emma Smith, the talented actress who brought the captivating character of Liv to life in the show “Pressure Cooker.” Emma Smith’s height measures 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm), notably higher than the average height for women in the United States, typically around 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm).

Emma Smith’s Real Height

Emma Smith’s real height, 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm), adds a unique dimension to her portrayal of Liv in the series. Her height sets her apart from the average, making her stand out both on screen and in the hearts of fans.

Why Does Liv’s Height Matter to Fans?

Liv’s height is more than just a number to fans; it holds a special significance:


Fans often look up to characters they admire and find relatable. Liv’s height makes her relatable to many viewers, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and differences.

Character Development

Liv’s journey isn’t just about growing taller and personal growth and transformation. Fans connect with her physical and emotional evolution, seeing it as a metaphor for their journeys in life.


Height can carry symbolic meaning in storytelling. Liv’s height may symbolize her ability to rise above life’s challenges and obstacles, inspiring fans to overcome adversity and reach their goals.

Liv Bin’s relationship status 

Liv Bin’s relationship status is private. She keeps her dating life private, and there is no definitive information about whether she is single or in a relationship.


In conclusion, the answer to the question of how tall Liv from “Pressure Cooker,” portrayed by Emma Smith, is stands at 5 feet 7 inches, symbolically reflecting her personal growth and unwavering determination to pursue her culinary aspirations.This unique physical attribute adds depth to her character, making her relatable to viewers and encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness while resonating with Liv’s journey of rising above life’s challenges. Liv’s height becomes a symbol of inspiration, reminding us that we can overcome obstacles and reach our aspirations, not just in the culinary world but in our lives.


Q1: Is there any official information about how tall is liv from pressure cooker? 

No, there is currently no official information available regarding Liv’s height.

Q2: Does Liv’s height play a significant role in the Show? 

No, Liv’s height is not a significant plot point in “Pressure Cooker.”

Q3: Has Liv faced challenges in her career due to her height? 

There is no evidence to suggest that Liv has faced career challenges related to her height.

Q4: What is the actress’s real-life height? 

There needs to be more reliable information about the actress’s real-life height.

Q5: Why does Liv rarely discuss her height in interviews? 

Liv prefers to keep her personal life private and focuses on her career and acting talents.

Q6: What are some fan theories about Liv’s height? 

Fans have devised various theories, including the idea that her height is intentionally kept a mystery, a metaphor for her character’s growth, and the playful theory that her height changes in different episodes.

Q7: How has Liv’s character impacted body positivity? 

Liv’s character embodies confidence and individuality, making her an inspiration for body positivity advocates and viewers of all heights and body types.

Q8: What is the global appeal of “Pressure Cooker” and Liv’s character? 

“Pressure Cooker” has a diverse fan base worldwide, and Liv’s relatable personality has contributed to its global success.

Q9: What can viewers expect from Liv’s character in the future of “Pressure Cooker”? 

As the Show continues, viewers can anticipate further character development and intriguing storylines for Liv beyond her height.


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