Chef Mike Pressure Cooker: Where is Chief Mike now? (2023) Guide

Discover Chef Mik Pressure Cooker fascinating journey and tantalizing creations as we delve into his story. Meet Chef Mike Eckles, the rising culinary star who captured hearts and taste buds on Netflix’s captivating cooking competition, “Pressure Cooker.” At just 26 years old, Chef Mike’s journey from the renowned Culinary Institute of America in New York to the bustling kitchens of Michigan’s finest restaurants showcases a talent beyond his years. Beyond the tantalizing dishes he crafted on the show, Chef Mike’s ability to adapt, collaborate, and grow as a team player set him apart. While he may not have claimed the top prize, his culinary expertise and passion continue to shine as he brings the world of fine dining closer to home in Birmingham, Michigan, and beyond.

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Chef Mike Pressure Cooker Journey

In this exploration of Chef Mike Eckles’ journey on Netflix’s “Pressure Cooker,” we delve into the twists and turns of his show experience, competitive spirit, and remarkable culinary talent.

Entering the Pressure Cooker

 At 26, Mike Eckles ventured into the competitive realm of “Pressure Cooker” on Netflix, fueled by a solid aspiration to display his culinary expertise. He revealed his competitive nature and the intriguing origin of his nickname, “Big Mike,” earned for reasons unrelated to his physical stature.

Early Challenges and Surprises

Mike’s journey began with the show’s first challenge, where contestants had to cook their signature dishes. Surprisingly, he didn’t clinch the top spot and was ranked fourth. The shock continued when he was picked last when team captains Renee Blackman and Lana Lagomarsini selected their teams for the next challenge.

Learning the Importance of Social Skills

Recognizing the challenges posed by his social skills, Mike took the opportunity to converse with his team leader, Lana. She candidly pointed out the need for him to be more cautious with his choice of words.

Building Bonds and Culinary Success

As the competition progressed, Mike’s culinary skills continued to shine. His journey included successful team challenges that kept him safe from elimination, and he even served as the meticulous blind taste tester.

The Moroccan Challenge and Near Elimination

In a critical twist, Mike had to face off against his chosen partner, Renee, in a Moroccan-inspired challenge. While Renee emerged victorious, Mike’s fate hung in the balance as the remaining chefs voted to save him, ultimately leading to Caroline Gutierrez’s elimination.

The Semi-Final Triumph

In the semi-finals, contestants were tasked with creating monochromatic meals, and Mike triumphed in this challenge, securing his spot in the finals. This pivotal win allowed him to choose his opponent for the ultimate showdown.

The Graceful Conclusion

In the finals, Mike chose to compete against Robbie Jester, expressing his deep respect for Robbie’s culinary skills. Though he narrowly missed the championship title, Mike gracefully accepted the outcome, acknowledging the profound lessons he learned about the art of food.

Mike Eckles’ Culinary Career

Transitioning from the television spotlight to the culinary world, Mike’s journey began at the renowned Culinary Institute of America in New York. After graduation, he honed his skills at some of Michigan’s finest restaurants, including Coach Insignia and Forest.

Creating Abode Fine Dining

Mike Eckles ventured further by founding Abode Fine Dining. This distinctive establishment provides an unparalleled dining experience, bringing gourmet cuisine directly to your doorstep, accompanied by a skilled team and personalized menus designed to cater to your tastes. Their culinary focus embraces seasonality, modern techniques, and flavors inspired by French and Italian cuisines.

Pricing and Customization

Abode Fine Dining offers a range of dining options, with pricing structured to accommodate various group sizes. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a larger gathering, Mike’s culinary expertise ensures an unforgettable dining experience.

Where is Chef Mike Pressure Cooker now? 

Chef Mike Eckles, who competed on “Pressure Cooker,” currently resides in Detroit, Michigan. He has established a prominent presence in the culinary industry. Alongside sous-chef Marcus D’Onofrio, Mike operates Abode Fine Dining, serving as its Private Chef. This venture was founded to offer high-class dining experiences within the comfort of clients’ homes. Before his involvement with Abode, Mike gained valuable experience working at Coach Insignia and serving as a sous-chef at Forest, a James Beard-nominated restaurant.Mike embarked on his culinary journey following his graduation from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. His time at the institute served as the crucible for refining his culinary prowess. A true culinary artist, Mike frequently treats his social media followers to a visual feast, sharing captivating photos and videos showcasing his mouthwatering creations.He also displays his enthusiasm for football, even participating as a water boy when the opportunity arises. Additionally, he promotes the Netflix show “Pressure Cooker. Although he didn’t win the $100,000 grand prize on the show, Mike has not wavered in pursuing his culinary ambitions. He has returned to Detroit and continues to run Adobe Fine Dining, offering private chef services for custom fine dining experiences throughout Michigan. As described on their website, Abode Fine Dining brings the restaurant experience to clients’ homes, showcasing the culinary excellence that Chef Mike Pressure Cooker is known for.

Is Mike Eckles Married?

Mike Eckles is not married, but he recently entered into a relationship with Reine Assaly, officially confirming their commitment on August 5, 2022, as per his Facebook profile. While Mike Eckles is known for his engaging social media presence, he and Reine prefer to maintain a degree of privacy about their relationship, with limited public disclosures and a preference for discretion. Curious individuals can find glimpses of Reine Assaly’s life and interests on her active profiles on Facebook and Instagram.

Mike Eckles’s Instagram

Mike Eckles, a talented chef, can be found on Instagram under the handle @mikehastheflav. On his Instagram page, he tantalizes viewers with mouthwatering photos of his culinary creations while offering glimpses into his personal life. This account is your window into Chef Mike’s journey as a chef. For insights into his professional ventures, you can follow @adobefinedining on Instagram to stay updated on his company’s accomplishments.


Chef Mike Eckles, renowned for his journey on Netflix’s “Pressure Cooker,” graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and honed his skills at top restaurants like Coach Insignia and Forest. Today, he leads Abode Fine Dining in Detroit, offering customized culinary experiences in clients’ homes, emphasizing modern techniques and seasonal flavors. Despite narrowly missing the top prize on the show, chef Mike pressure cooker passion thrives. His recent commitment to a relationship with Reine Assaly adds a personal touch to his engaging social media presence. You can explore his culinary journey and creations on Instagram (@mikehastheflav) or follow @adobefinedining for updates on his company’s achievements, inspiring fellow food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs.


How does Chef Mike Pressure Cooker work?

Chef Mike Pressure Cooker uses high-pressure steam to cook food quickly and evenly. The sealed environment traps moisture, raising the boiling point of water and reducing cooking time.

Is it safe to use Chef Mike Pressure Cooker?

Absolutely! Chef Mike Pressure Cooker has multiple safety features, including pressure release valves and secure locking systems, to ensure safe and hassle-free cooking.

Can I cook a variety of dishes with Chef Mike’s Pressure Cooker?

Certainly! Chef Mike Pressure Cooker offers various cooking modes, allowing you to prepare multiple dishes, from soups and stews to desserts and yogurt.

What are the benefits of using Chef Mike Pressure Cooker?

The benefits are numerous. Chef Mike Pressure Cooker saves time, preserves nutrients, and enhances flavor. It’s also energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

How can I clean and maintain Chef Mike’s Pressure Cooker?

Cleaning is a breeze with Chef Mike’s Pressure Cooker. Most parts are dishwasher safe, and maintenance is minimal. Just follow the user manual for care instructions.

Where can I purchase Chef Mike Pressure Cooker?

You can find Chef Mike Pressure Cooker at leading kitchen appliance stores or conveniently order it online.

How do I adjust the cooking time with Chef Mike’s Pressure Cooker?

Chef Mike Pressure Cooker offers customizable cooking times to suit your recipe. Consult the user manual for guidance on adjusting the settings for different dishes.

Can I use Chef Mike’s Pressure Cooker for canning?

No, Chef Mike Pressure Cooker is not suitable for canning. It’s designed for regular cooking and not intended for preserving foods in jars.

Does Chef Mike’s Pressure Cooker require a lot of maintenance?

No, Chef Mike Pressure Cooker is relatively low-maintenance. Routine maintenance, which includes regular cleaning and inspections for signs of wear and tear, is generally sufficient to ensure it remains in excellent operational shape.

Is Chef Mike Pressure Cooker compatible with induction cooktops?

Indeed, the Chef Mike Pressure Cooker is designed to work seamlessly with induction cooktops, adding versatility to your kitchen arsenal.

Can I use Chef Mike’s Pressure Cooker to brown meat before pressure cooking?

Absolutely! Chef Mike Pressure Cooker features a sauté function that allows you to brown meat and vegetables before pressure cooking, adding depth of flavor to your dishes.

What’s the maximum capacity of Chef Mike’s Pressure Cooker?

The Chef Mike Pressure Cooker’s maximum capacity can differ based on the model, generally falling within the 6 to 8-quart range, offering generous room for preparing meals to serve a family.

Can I find Chef Mike Pressure Cooker replacement parts if needed?

Yes, Chef Mike Pressure Cooker replacement parts are readily available through authorized dealers and online retailers. You can easily replace any worn-out components.

Are there any cooking tips for beginners using Chef Mike Pressure Cooker?

For beginners, start with simple recipes to get acquainted with the appliance. Always follow safety instructions, and don’t overfill the Cooker. As you gain experience, you can explore more complex dishes.

Can I use Chef Mike’s Pressure Cooker for canning?

No, Chef Mike Pressure Cooker is not designed for canning. It’s primarily meant for regular and pressure cooking, not for preserving foods in jars.

How does Chef Mike Pressure Cooker save energy?

Chef Mike Pressure Cooker’s efficient cooking process reduces cooking time, ultimately saving energy. Additionally, it uses less water than traditional cooking methods, contributing to energy conservation.

Can I cook frozen ingredients with Chef Mike’s Pressure Cooker?

Yes, Chef Mike Pressure Cooker can cook frozen ingredients, but you may need to adjust the cooking time accordingly. Always consult your recipe or the user manual for guidance.

Does Chef Mike Pressure Cooker come with a warranty?

Yes, Chef Mike Pressure Cooker typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Be sure to register your product and keep the warranty information for reference.

Can I use Chef Mike’s Pressure Cooker for canning?

No, Chef Mike Pressure Cooker is not suitable for canning. It’s designed for regular cooking and not intended for preserving foods in jars.


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