Caroline Pressure Cooker:Caroline Gutierrez Bio, Age, Husband (2023) Guide

Meet Caroline pressure cooker , the captivating star of Netflix’s groundbreaking culinary competition. In this innovative show, 11 skilled chefs battle with their culinary creations and navigate complex interpersonal dynamics as they live together and determine each other’s fate in the competition. Caroline and her husband Matthew run Chefs C+M, a boutique private chef in Atlanta, serving up delectable dishes infused with global flavours. What truly sets Caroline apart is her unwavering commitment to authenticity; she refuses to play a character and instead aims to showcase her genuine love for food and life at every turn. Her journey from a shy teenager in Dorchester with Vietnamese roots to a confident and talented chef is a testament to her passion and dedication. While fans speculated about a romance between Caroline and fellow contestant Sergei Nicholas Simonov, they are not a real-life couple. Nonetheless, Caroline’s captivating presence and culinary prowess make her a standout contestant, leaving viewers eager to see how far she’ll go in the Pressure Cooker competition.

Caroline Pressure Cooker On Netflix

Caroline Gutierrez made her mark as one of the 11 skilled chefs who captivated audiences on the debut season of Netflix’s culinary showdown, Pressure Cooker, which premiered on January 6, 2022. This innovative cooking competition, often likened to a fusion of Top Chef and Big Brother, featured chefs showcasing their culinary expertise while living together in Los Angeles, California. Although Caroline shared a close bond with fellow contestant Sergei, it’s crucial to clarify that they were not a romantic couple but formed a dynamic akin to “working husband and wife,” becoming a formidable force on the show. The competition climaxed when Robbie Jester emerged as the winner, earning a grand prize of $100,000. Before the series premiere, Caroline built anticipation on her Instagram, hinting at the exciting culinary journey awaited the Pressure Cooker’s viewers.

Caroline Gutierrez’s Career

Caroline Gutierrez, originally from Miami but now a seasoned chef based in Atlanta, embarked on a culinary adventure a decade ago that transformed her life. While living in Los Angeles, her passion for cooking ignited her to enroll in Le Cordon Bleu to hone her culinary skills. Caroline’s commitment to her craft led her to prestigious Michelin-rated restaurants in Los Angeles, Spain, and eventually, to the homes of Atlanta families as a private chef. She ascended the culinary ladder, progressing from commis to head chef while embodying a “no-waste” philosophy in the Kitchen. Today, Caroline and her husband, Matthew, run their restaurant, C+M, offering a diverse menu blending global flavours with comfort food. Their culinary expertise shines through in four-course dinners at $150 per person, making dining at C+M a memorable experience. Beyond the restaurant, Caroline extends her culinary talents as a personal chef, focusing on seasonal and global cuisine. Caroline Gutierrez completed her education with honours at Florida International University and furthered her culinary journey at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts-Pasadena. Notable participants who showcased exceptional skills alongside her included Christan Willis, Brian Nadeau, Ed Porter, Lana Lagomarsini, Jeana Pecha, Michael Eckles, Renee Blackman, Lin Bin, and Sergei Simonov. Caroline Gutierrez takes great pride in her academic and culinary training. Caroline Gutierrez takes great pride in her educational background and training. Connect with her establishment on Instagram and Facebook to savour her delectable creations and explore engaging virtual cooking classes from your home. Caroline pressure cooker culinary prowess is a testament to her dedication and innovation in the world of cuisine.

Does Caroline Gutierrez have a husband?

Caroline Gutierrez is unquestionably wedded to her spouse, Matthew Ryder, whose birthdate falls in July 1992, rendering him 30 years of age as of the writing of this article. They celebrated their wedding on January 18, 2020, in a beautiful ceremony. On their wedding anniversary, Caroline expressed her gratitude on Instagram, reminiscing about the special day and the help and love they received from friends and family. A year before tying the knot, in March 2019, Caroline happily accepted Matthew’s marriage proposal, showcasing her engagement ring on social media. The couple now jointly operates C+M, bringing their culinary talents to the restaurant. Matthew, with a rich background in the restaurant industry, since he was 14, has honed his culinary skills through various roles, including chef consultant, head chef, sous chef, and, most recently, the executive chef at an upscale Italian restaurant in Atlanta, demonstrating his passion for crafting inspired and creative menus.

Caroline Gutierrez family         

Although she did not disclose her parents’ names, Caroline Gutierrez has featured them on her Instagram. On Mother’s Day in 2020, she celebrated her mother’s birthday and Women’s Day with a heartfelt post. She also has an older sister, Alexandra Gutiérrez Waidele, whom she affectionately calls “Ali” and “Soul Sista.” Alexandra turned 30 2018, and Caroline expressed her love and admiration for her sister, showcasing their strong bond. While Caroline’s family remains relatively private, it’s known that her father is Cuban and her mother is Vietnamese, providing her with diverse culinary influences. Caroline’s family supports her culinary career, often enjoying the delicious dishes she prepares. Her husband, Matthew, appeared on the show “Pressure Cooker” to help her, and Caroline’s family cheered her on throughout her journey on the show, immensely proud of her achievements.

Carolina Gutierrez Age

Carolina Gutierrez, the private chef and contestant on Netflix’s “Pressure Cooker,” was born in 1990, which means she turned 32 years old in November 2022. Originally from Miami, Florida, she ventured to Los Angeles at 20, dreaming of a modelling career. However, she discovered her true passion for cooking and shifted her focus to the culinary world.

Where is Caroline Now? 

Caroline Gutierrez has continued to flourish in Atlanta, Georgia, where she operates her boutique private chef service, Chefs C+M, alongside her husband, Matthew Ryder. She remains active on social media, showcasing her culinary creations and travels. Beyond her private chef business, Caroline has been involved in diverse culinary projects. She has collaborated with various Atlanta restaurants to craft special menus and is developing her line of kitchenware. With her Le Cordon Bleu background and experience in Michelin-star restaurants, Caroline’s culinary expertise continues to shine. Expect to hear more about Caroline Gutierrez in the culinary scene for years.


Caroline Gutierrez’s journey on Netflix’s “Pressure Cooker” exemplifies the power of authenticity, passion, and culinary dedication. As a skilled chef on the show’s debut season, Caroline pressure cooker and her dynamic partner Sergei Nicholas Simonov captivated viewers with her genuine love for food and remarkable talent. Despite not emerging as the winner, her presence left a lasting impact, and her culinary expertise, nurtured through her Le Cordon Bleu training and Michelin-rated restaurant experiences, continues to shine in Atlanta, where she and her husband Matthew Ryder run Chefs C+M, offering diverse, globally-inspired cuisine. Caroline’s story is a testament to the enduring influence of a true passion for the culinary arts, inspiring aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts alike.


Q1: Who won the Netflix Pressure Cooker?

Robbie Jester emerged as the winner of Netflix’s culinary competition, “Pressure Cooker,” securing the coveted $100,000 cash prize. A hardworking chef, Robbie balanced his demanding restaurant job with a passion for reality cooking shows like Big Brother and the Food Network. In “Pressure Cooker,” he faced intense culinary challenges and fierce competition, ultimately proving his skills and dedication in the kitchen, which led to his triumphant victory.

Q2: What is Caroline’s cooking style?

Caroline’s cooking style is described as modern American with a global influence. She loves to experiment with different flavors and textures, and her dishes are often visually appealing.


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